Progressive Web Apps for Small Businesses

Promote your business with our Progressive Web App (PWA). It’s the newest way that local businesses are getting more of their customer’s attention

What To Expect From Your Progressive Web App

Why pay thousands of dollars for an old style mobile app when you can get a PWA that you’ll customers will love at a price you won’t believe?

Easily Installed by Your Customers

App is installed from your website and works across browsers ~ Android, iPhones, Tablets and desktops ~  without a need for an AppStore [no need for Google Play or Apple Store]

Multiple Ways to Share

You’re not just limited to your website for customers to download your app. They can also download from emails, text and/or QR Codes

Lightning Fast Loading

Your app loads extremely fast on your customer’s mobile devices no matter where they are. That means a better user experience. They’ll want to buy from you more and more.


Progressive Web Apps do not need to be upgraded when you change information, products or services on your website. As soon as your site is updated, the app is automatically updated too. How easy is that?


Customers Stay Longer

Stats from major companies show that users spend more time on PWAs than on native (old-style) mobile apps and companies that use them are experiencing up to 104% increased conversion rates (sales) and a major increase in recovered carts.

Instant Push Notifications

Stay in touch with your customers through Push Notifications delivered right to the notification window of their mobile device. You are able to send notices of sales, specials, news or anything else to everyone who has installed your app.


How They Work

In simple terms, a progressive web app (PWA) is a mobile app that is delivered through the web instead of through an app store such as Google Play or iTunes.

Everything looks the same to the app user except it loads instantly and stays updated all of the time because it’s “part” of your website. They take up less memory on your customer’s phone and does not require installation like a native app.

Google, Apple, and Microsoft are all embracing PWAs because they are flexible and a way to stay ahead of the curve in the mobile industry. A good PWA can replace a company’s mobile website and its native mobile app.

Now, the time has come where small, local businesses can make use of these new technologies at a price everyone can afford.

  • 4x Increase in Re-engagement
  • 90% More Sales from Users Arriving from Push Notifications
  • 95% More New Users Across All Browsers
  • 75% More Pages Visited Per Time on App
  • 14% Increase in Click-Through Rates
  • 91% Less Data to Load First Time
  • 84% Less Data to Finish the First Transaction
  • Cuts Data Usage by up to 90%

Other Factors

It just doesn’t help your customers…


Less "Bounce Rate"

Because the search engines penalize sites with a high “bounce rate” (people leaving your site fast), the increased speed of the PWA keeps people on your site longer because they made the decision to open the app.


Page Load Speed

A ranking factor for search engines is “Page Load Time” and since PWAs load at lightning speeds, they will reward you for it


More Traffic

With people opening your app more, your traffic will increase. The search engines take this as an increase of visitors to your website although they came through the app


The Best of Both Worlds

PWAs combine the best of the web and the best of the apps because they work hand-in-hand

Increase Visibility Locally or all Over the World

Progressive Web Apps are not just for local businesses. They are great for companies that sell all over the US or all over the world.

Whether you have multiple locations or you sell through an e-commerce store, PWAs will help you reach those important customers far away as easily as those who are close.

Instant push notifications keep you connected to those who have installed your app. Just like sending an email to a group of people, just one small message about a special, a sale, or anything new about your business and a push of a button places that message right on the notification screen of their mobile device (and desktop, if they allow it).

The bottom line… if you do not have a progressive web app, your competitor will. And, they will be the ones reaching out to the customers that should be yours.

Let Us
Build Your Progressive Web App (PWA)

Innovedia Solutions can create your PWA in a matter of days.

Your PWA does not have to be created so that your customers land on your home page either. We can make the app open at any page on your site. That means you can drive customers right to your product pages, appointment scheduling, or anywhere else.

Great for:

  • Restaurants and delivery services
  • Local businesses
  • Online merchants
  • Doctors, Dentists or anyone who accepts appointments online
  • Landscapers and those who have repeat customers they service
  • Clubs, organizations and not-for-profits (think fundraising)
  • Fitness Centers

PWAs are Safe and Secure

Our progressive web apps do not sacrifice performance OR security.

We know that internet security is one of the most important aspects of doing business online. PWAs are secure from the very start because they are offered via an HTTPS site security certificate. That not only protects your app user but also you. These are the same security certificates that everyone online uses to protect customer information such s credit card data and personal information.

PWAs do not have access to the user’s mobile device like the old, native apps do. It actually “lives” in the browser of the device, separating it from the user’s information.

And, since PWAs are updated on the fly instead of having to be manually updated, your customers will feel comfortable that the update is free from unwanted problems.

Many experts agree that Progressive Web Apps, when properly built, may be more secure than standard, native mobile apps.

Our Prices Start From Only $495
Affordable And Proven To Work

Send us a message if you need a custom plan. We can build something to fit your needs.



What Is a PWA?

The easiest way to describe a PWA is that it is an app that sits on your customer’s mobile device that, when opened, delivers your website at lightning speeds to the customer no matter whether they have a signal or not.


Will my customers know how to install it?

Installation is easy. When they first reach your site they will be asked if they would like to add it to their home screen. Simply clicking the button does all of the work. Within a minute or so, they will see your custom icon on their mobile screen with their other icons.


How do people know I have one?

There are many ways to spread the word. First, anyone who goes to your website will be offered the opportunity to add the app to their mobile. You also can share your app by placing a link inside an email, send a text with a link or create a QR Code to the app. We will help you with all of these options after your app is live.


Why do I need one if I have a website?

If your website hs interactive features such as a store, reservations or appointment calendar or a request for services form, the PWA will make it easier for your customers to buy from you. No more looking up your site online and waiting for it to load. Click a button and they are there.


Are PWAs expensive?

Not at all. In fact, they cost only a fraction of what the old, native apps cost. And, you no longer have to pay Google and Apple to place it in their stores ~ a savings of hundreds of dollars per year.


What the heck is a Push Notification?

You receive push notifications all the time on your mobiles. They are the things that notify you that you have other apps to update, messages from other businesses around you, and notifications from your social networks like Facebook.

The push notification is as easy as writing an email and clicking “send”, except the open rate is much higher (2-3% for email; 81% or more for push notifications). Push notifications are seen almost immediately by most users also, unlike email. So, if your restaurant, for example, decides to have a special that starts in a few hours, a push notification can get the message out fast.

Your Business Deserves a PWA

Once you have a PWA, you’ll wonder how you did without it. The results are amazing.

You’ll love it and so will your customers.

Don’t let your competitor get theirs before you do. Customers are hard to get back once they are gone.

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